20 Things You Thought You Knew…But Don’t

The kids and I love random bits of information and post it quite often. Here is a collection of facts that others THINK they know…but aren’t actually true. We like to look at each other and give knowing looks and roll our eyes at the stupidity in the world around us.

Not really.

I’m sure you can add tons of stuff to this list, too. In fact, please do. We all have plenty to learn.


20 Things You Thought You Knew…But Don’t


Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis.

It won’t. It’s just annoying, but feels kinda cool. Go ahead.


Bathing every day is optimal.

Ok…I’m struggling with this one. Bathing every day damages the “horny” layer of the skin. (I’m not making this up.) Hot water, soap and abrasive surfaces strip off the horny layer, exposing living cells to the elements. When you shower, use warm or cool water and a mild soap (if at all), and rehydrate the horny layer by rubbing on some moisturizer afterward. Ummm….I think I’ll still be bathing.


When you take a deep breathe, your chest should puff out.

Not really. Your abdomen should puff out. Try it…this is actually how babies breathe.


The Great Wall of China is visible from space.

It ain’t.


Nails and hair grow after you’re dead.

Nope. All of you is dead. Including your hair and nails.


Mount Everest Is The Tallest Mountain in the World.

In fact it is not. A mountain is highest in regard to how far it soars above sea level. Above sea level, Mauna Kea (in Hawaii) is only 13,799 feet (4,206 meters). BUT when you count enormous portion of it that’s underwater, it’s 33,465 feet tall (10,200 meters). Everest is only 29,029 feet (8,848 meters) above sea level, with none of it below sea level.


5 second rule.

Not true. Not even a little. I like to live dangerously, though…depending on the deliciousness of the food I’ve dropped.


Mother Birds Will Abandon Babies if You Touch Them.

Not true. They won’t abandon them. They might slap them upside the head and squawk at them for talking to strangers, but they’ll still be there.


Parenting books are written by experts and your child will turn out perfectly if you follow their advice.

Hahahahahaha!! Burn those suckers.


Different parts of your tongue detect different tastes.

Nope. You can detect different tastes all over your tongue! I know this fact will change your life.





People Thought the World Was Flat Before Columbus.

No one thought Columbus was just going to sail off the edge of the world. They were more worried he wouldn’t reach India because of the unknown route he was taking…not because of the shape of the earth. The Greeks had pretty much figured out the shape by then.


Humans have 5 senses.

What? Really? Nope, not really, silly goose. What about nociception, the ability to sense pain? More interesting is proprioception, which helps you pass the “close your eyes and touch your nose” test. (I don’t have that one…ugh.) Hunger and thirst can count (according to some), as can feelings of hot and cold. Itch, interestingly, is apparently independent from both touch and pain. It’s the “annoying sense”.And you thought the sixth sense was the ability to see dead people…you crazy kid.


Coffee is made from beans.

Actually, they are not beans. They’re seeds. It’s a technicality, but worth mentioning to your ‘coffee snob’ friends. Tell them AFTER they’ve had a cup. Timing is everything.


There are 50 states.

Ummm…Jen? Have you lost your mind? Well, some days, yes, but there are four states that refer to themselves as commonwealths – Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. So throw this little tidbit out and watch people be amazed. Not really. No one will be amazed or care.


Penguins mate for life.

Sadly, no. Penguins mate with whoever most convenient – like college kids. Most penguins remain monogamous for the duration of the breeding period, which can be anywhere from 50 days to 16 months, depending on breed. Sorry, guys…I hated to learn that one, too.



We only use 10% of our brains.

Sorry, Lucy – bad movie anyway. We do not let 90% of our brains just lay dormant. Well, most of us don’t, but I can’t speak for everyone. Throughout the course of the day, most parts of the brain are used at some point.

Waking sleepwalkers will hurt them in some way.

So will walking around while you’re asleep. Wake them. It’s fine.


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