Dear Moms

Dear Moms

Dear Moms,

You may be reading this on your phone in the bathroom, taking your 3 minutes of “alone” time to catch up on the world around you. You may be sneaking a peek at the park or at a red light, taking a chance to feel connected to another adult in some small way. We’ve all been there.

You may be tired. You may lonely. You may be blissfully happy. You may be wiping snot off your child’s nose with your own T-shirt. It happens. All of it happens many times, every day. A lot of things happen every day now that you’re a mom. Things people don’t tell you about – and when it happens to you, you may feel like the only one that goes through certain things.

I’m here to tell you that you’re not.

Now that you’re a mom, you will change. You will have to take everything you own when going away for an hour or a weeklong vacation. You will deal with poop, urine, boogers, and a variety of thrown up food, drool, and other unmentionables daily and will talk with other mothers about these things as casually as the weather.

You will question your morals. You will question your beliefs. You will question your sanity. You will have a roller coaster of emotions. You will feel like you’re falling apart. You will be the focus of your child’s attention and feel lonely all at the same time. You will forget how to complete a sentence. You will feel more love for your child than you even knew existed.

You will encourage them to be the very best at what they do and discipline them when they screw up. You will teach them to use the potty and you’ll teach them about sex. You will teach them about right and wrong and how to defend themselves. You’ll teach them about love and cry with them when their hearts are broken. You will teach them how to be polite and caring and you will teach them how to deal with loss. You will be their rock and then you will have to learn when to let them figure things out on their own. 

You will try to be the perfect mother to your imperfect child. It’s not going to happen.

You will lose your temper. So will your child. You will be cranky and irritable. So will your kiddo. You will yell and scream and then feel horrible that you reacted that way. Guess what? Your child will, too.

You will compare yourself to other moms. You will compare your body, your parenting style, your house, your car, and your children. Guess what? Those moms don’t have your life. Your love for your child. Your husband. Your mentality. You are different. That’s a good thing. And remember…they are all going through all of the above. Just like you. 

Moms, you have a tough job. A million different job descriptions are rolled in that one title – MOM.

I don’t think you all hear this enough – you are doing a GREAT job. You are.


A Fellow Mom 


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