How to Deal With Anything in 8 Steps

How to Deal With Anything in 8 Steps

I may know you, dear reader. In fact, I probably do since most of you read this because you know me or my family. I have no illusions of millions of strangers wanting to hear what I have to say. I’m not Kanye, for crying out loud.

I may not know you, and if not, I’d like to know you.

Because I think most of us are a lot alike.

Some of you are married, some of you are not. Some of you have kids, some of you do not. Some of you are tall, some of you are not. It really doesn’t matter.

Each of us is dealing with something.

It doesn’t even matter what that something is – we all have it and it changes us, bothers us, weighs on our hearts and minds. Sometimes it’s a very serious thing: death, addiction, illness. Sometimes it’s not: the hair dryer blew up, we can’t cook chicken one more night, the kids are driving us crazy.

The thing that really makes us different is how we deal with that thing. For me it’s a 8 step process. Here is “HOW TO DEAL WITH ANYTHING IN 8 STEPS” {said in an announcer voice}. 

1. Shock and awe or “How could this happen to me?!”

This can be because I’m out of coffee or because I wrecked my car. Same reaction.

2. Call mom.

“You’ll never believe what happened!”

“What did you do now?”

[insert story of the day here]

Silence. Then…”Ok. Just breathe. We’ll figure it out.”

{Note: She is never shocked when I call.}

3. Rationalize

It’s really not that bad. We can do this. God will {cure cancer, give me money, make chocolate suddenly appear, provide healing, make the kids stop whining, soothe hurting hearts, etc…}.

4. Panic/Pray

Wonder what will happen if God doesn’t do what I just promised myself he would do. He doesn’t always follow the directions I think he should follow – kinda like my husband. I know His way is better, but when I’m panicking, I sometimes forget this. Now I pray even harder, trying to force my way into becoming His way.

5. Apologize and Shut Up

I now have to apologize to God and be quiet before I get myself in any more trouble.

6. Call in the Troops.

I feel the need to talk. I call my parents again, my husband, my friends. I tell random strangers. I light candles and stare at the flame hoping to see the answer to my problem in it’s shining light.

{Okay, not that last one. Or the one before it. I mean…I usually don’t.}

7. Laugh

I laugh at myself for being upset and freaking about whatever it was I was freaking out about. I laugh at my kids. I laugh at stuff that’s not funny. I laugh until I cry. I stop crying. I laugh some more. I realize this is borderline maniacal laughing and I stop laughing.

8. Remember

I remember that everyone is going through something. I remember this because I am out of wine and chocolate and I called my neighbor to borrow some. She is out.

Poor thing, I think. She’s having a bad day, too.

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