The Real Election: Fallon/Timberlake or Kimmel/Damon

The Real Election: Fallon/Timberlake or Kimmel/Damon

I haven’t written a post on this blog for a while, because life. But I can’t ignore this burning question I have about the election:

If the candidates were Fallon/Timberlake and Kimmel/Damon, who would you vote for?

This election choice might be even more divisive than our current candidates. And, perhaps, this choice may be even more important to understanding where you really stand on important issues.

Picture this:

A nice, calm evening between Putin and the President. Things are going smoothly. The food is divine. The wine is flowing. Then, unexpectedly, a moment arrives where the only thing the President can do is burst into song and use jazz hands. How he reacts to this turn of events will determine our future with Russia. Would you want Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel to be sitting with Putin in this situation?

I’m voting Fallon.

The dude can sing and dance, as we all know, but he’d make the situation seem like a normal flow of events and not some weird moment that the two of them shared. Kimmel…ehh….I just don’t know if I’m comfortable with his use of jazz hands. I think it would seemed forced.

Jazz hands are important.

I think people are focused on the wrong things. I mean, yes, character is important. Integrity is important. Trustworthiness…all of that stuff.

But why leave out the other stuff? Is carrying a tune not important? Are impromptu rap battles insignificant? Is the ability to make someone laugh not even something you consider before you cast your vote?

The state of America these days is making me sad. We’ve lost our focus. Our emPHAsis is on the wrong sylLAble, so to speak.

Think about this…

The Super Bowl half-time show is in disarray. Lady Gaga is sick and can’t perform. People everywhere are losing their minds because of this catastrophe. The President and Vice President decide to step in and save us from this national disaster.

Who would give the better performance?

Who do you think? Fallon or Kimmel?

Make wise choices, people. For the sake of our kids.








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