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Free Online Homeschool Links, Cool Site, and Articles


Free (or low cost) Online Homeschool and Educational Links to Cool Sites for Kids:

All kinds of free online games from math to grammar to geography-

These all have coding, math, business, and design courses for kids AND adults. They are all awesome!

Great courses for kids…not free, but not expensive. Their grammar courses are really good.

Math site. Pretty straight forward and not to creative, but great math practice:

Homeschool Resources:

Cool Stuff:

Articles That Are Worth the Read:

Wal-Mart ice cream sandwiches don’t melt

Missing people reporting and media coverage

10 Songs Written by Pharrell.

Facts about tequila

Photobombed by the Queen

Caffeine is cool

Life Lessons

Stop Wasting Time!

25 Words You Are Probably Using the Wrong Way

Things You Can Do Without Spending Money

Useful Websites – **Very good resource!

More good sites

How to Self-Publish a Book

This American Life – Ira Glass

Helping the Homeless

Pinterest…Nailed It 

TED Talk – Mark Ronson: La Di Da Di

7 Tips on How to Work With People Smarter Than You

Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Components

How to Know if You Can Use an Image From the Internet




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